Are You An Apple Freak?

Apple Freaks

There’s a very good reason why Apple are now about the biggest company in the world and have taken a stranglehold, if not a monopoly in the ‘Have to Have To Be Cool’ market. But who are these millions of Apple freaks who have made Apple what it is today? With the assistance of the bare minimum of extensive research, I think I have been able to narrow down the qualities that define an Apple freak and thus the target market of Apple marketeers. Take a careful look at this list of ‘must have’ qualities and see if you are a true believer or are you just one of the millions who really

Fed Up With Social Media

Fed up With Social Media

Do I know you? Are you at least a friend of one of my friend’s friends friends? Did you go to school with one of my kids and now you’re just a bit curious as to who I am? Did we meet on a bus or have some meaningful contact back in 1997 in the days of ICQ? Well, if the answer is no to these questions, why do you want to make contact with me? The answer is simple. Social Media have turned the whole world into manic friends and followers of anybody. It doesn’t matter who, so long as that list of ‘friends’ just keeps getting longer everyday.

How Thick Is An Ebook?

Ebook Word Count

When you buy an ebook, do you check to see what value you are getting for your money? With books, the value is in pages and words, so how many words are there in an ebook? If you shop for ebooks on Kindle, you’ll only have a reference to the file size, not a word count. The file size can vary greatly depending on many factors other than just words, so this really tells you nothing at all about the value of your purchase. At least Smashwords are more open and honest and give an estimate of the word count in each listed book. I find Kindle’s reluctance to give

Buy My Book – Or Else?

Pussy Cat

The last few days has seen some very funny and very sad attempts by a number of authors who have tried to convince me to buy their books. From the lazy and repetitive to the imaginative and then to some who really need a course in basic human reactions to people making a complete idiot of themselves. Here’s a classic example of the slothically lazy book marketer on Twitter who either can’t read the instructions or just can’t be bothered at all as surely everyone will just be racing to buy my book.. ‘Check out my book – ‘XXXX’ – on #BookBuzzr -http://tc/uYr5DG’ Now this is really going to attract my interest