Only KDP Select For Me Now

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We all know there is a publishing and ebook war going on and as in any war there will be winners and losers as well as casualties along the way. But as an independent author, I don’t want any part of it. I  just want to write and hopefully sell some books. Not die on a corporate battlefield. While I have been experimenting with Kindle’s new KDP Select and trying to determine if it is worthwhile or not I stumbled on a disturbing situation that has changed the way I plan to distribute my ebooks. I’m going to move all of my books to Kindle exclusively. There are a number

The KDP Select Experiment – One Month Later


It is now one month since I enrolled three books in Amazon’s controversial KDP Select program. I approached this exercise with an open mind and have tried as best I can to measure the results based on the following six parameters that I set as my guide when I enrolled with  KDP Select. They were: Do the ‘free days’ of promotion increase a book’s exposure and gain reviews as well as a marked increase in sales following the promotional days? Or is it just a wasted exercise in giving away books that only serves to enhance the Kindle platform’s popularity? Do sales via Kindle  increase and adequately replace the percentage

iPad 3 Rumour – It Will Be Flat

flat iPad

Here we go again with every man and his dog posting rumours about the anticipated launch of the Apple iPad 3. Rumours being the operative word here as Apple never release any information about product launches until about one week before they announce that they will hold one of their ‘Special Events’. Even then they are coy about what will actually happen. The habitual formula is really starting to become one big bore. The last episode went on for months late last year with the much anticipated iPhone 5, which failed to eventuate in the end and left everyone totally disappointed. Disappointed because the rumours had built up such expectation

Welcome Back To The Vandal – And A Freebie!

Welcome Back

Another new year has ticked over and The Vandal ventures into a fourth year of blogging.  So here we go again with a little humour, a touch of satire, a hint of contradiction, a morsel of madness, the odd recipe and of course, maybe even a grammar tip or two. Possibly a few writing tips and publishing ideas along with the customary rants and raves and very silly ideas. And, no I haven’t forgotten the freebie. Read on. However, it wouldn’t be right to start a new year without at least one or two new improvements. Firstly, you’ll notice that The Vandal’s website has a new cleaner brighter look, so