Just a Happy Normal Life


Just a Happy Normal Life  A simple wish it is true, and often said with much ado, But what is this that we all seek, and find so hard to live. The wish of very simple folk, and the not so simple too, To share a happy normal life with a partner who is true. To live a life, day by day, with trust and love and care, And feel the warmth of each other’s heart, and a willingness to share. A life where truth abounds, and there’s no need for deceit, A simple wish, it is true, but for many it’s a feat. A partnership, and dreams to share,

Dead Men by Derek Haines

dead men by derek haines

Book Review by Mary Crocco of Dead Men by Derek Haines This is a story about the hell of divorce from the point of view of three men. They are angry, bitter, depressed, and lonely. They have lost their jobs, homes, and their children. Any money they eventually earn goes to child-support. They feel the Family Court favors women and they try to beat the system. These men did not exactly grow up in nurturing homes, which definitely adds to their outlooks on life. Within a few months, divorce turned three men into confused and bored women haters. David and Tony’s wives discarded them, both had cheated on them. Steve

Spring Has Sprung


At last. The end of winter seems to have arrived and I can get on with planning my new warm weather routine. Not that things change radically tough. Exchange my pull over for a t-shirt, slippers for bare feet and beer on a terrace instead of inside a café. However there is something special about this change of season that makes it far more spectacular than the other three. Love. Yes, spring heralds the necessity to get on with procreation in all its wondrous forms. Right now there are birds landing on my balcony, beaks full of twigs, readying a nest for the mating season. Flies have suddenly reemerged from

Young Love. Aaawww!

young love

Of course I have noticed young love before. There is nothing more beautiful, wonderful and alluring as noticing a young couple exhibiting their feely, touchy, public exchange of saliva type of performance in the street. The incessant need for hand holding and the accompanying ‘yes, please take me now’ eye contact that would have had Barbara Cartland racing back to her castle to pen yet another trashy romance novel for Mills & Boon. What I hadn’t noticed before though, was the reaction of the people who were also noticing the same exhibition of young love as I was witnessing. Here was an even greater palette of expressions that you would