iPad. I Am In Love

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My new iPad, that wondrously magical and mystical device, arrived two days earlier than Steve Jobs promised. So it gave me a jump on the European pack clamouring for their own iPad. So what is my verdict I can hear you ask. Well, after a week of almost non-stop fondling and playing little ‘getting to know each other’ games, I have to say I’m in love. It is all as promised. Fast, reactive, extra-long battery life and very practical. I bought the leather Apple cover as well, and I would have to say that this is a must. Not only for protection, but as an ideal stand when typing. A

Five Reasons Why I Want An Apple iPad

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With all that has been written about this ‘Magical and Revolutionary Device At An Unbelievable Price’, it’s a wonder there is anymore to write. But, not to be outdone by 1,000’s of other bloggers, I want to have my ten cents worth. So, sit back, relax and soak up my ten reasons why I want an iPad. Number one reason is simply that it’s Apple. Therefore it is a necessity. Steve baby has an innate ability to know what it it that I don’t have right now that I really, really absolutely, must have need. Then there’s is the ‘they have one, and I don’t’ factor. So not being from

My Apple iPad Wish List

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My Apple iPad Wish list I read with interest recently that many tech experts believe the Apple iPad will be a flop if it doesn’t come equipped with a camera when released in a month or two. Also, there are rumours that Apple could be ‘nimble’ with the retail price. Well, this got me thinking about what the iPad would need for me to buy on day one, and become a queuing early adopter. So here is my five point iPad wish list. A Mirror. It’s so logical that it should double as a mirror. It is really made to be carried in a hand bag, so why not have

I’ll Buy An iPad

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Although I would have much preferred it was called an iSlate, iTablet or iAnythingelse I’ll just have to settle with the close to iPod name of iPad. So what’s in a name other than a lot of jokes and plays on words. The very simple idea I understood when I watched Steve Jobs try to convince the world that we need another mobile device was this. If your role is to input. Stay away. If your role is to devour output, then line up and buy one immediately. It’s as simple as that. In our family of two, it is a very simple calculation. I write. Therefore I will stay