Kindle Ebooks And Advertising

Ads on Kindle

It had to come sooner or later. Amazon clearly see the future of ebooks and their Kindle devices as yet another lucrative advertising income stream. In this article ‘Amazon Pushes Hard On Ad Supported Kindle Line‘, there can be no doubt as to where Amazon is heading. For some time I have been sceptical, and from time to time quite grumpy, about Amazon’s $0.99 to $2.99 pricing gap. As a publisher, it makes pricing an ebook very difficult and restrictive. Go for volume at $0.99 and the lower 30% royalty, or jump to $2.99 knowing sales volume will be lower, but return a higher royalty. The mysterious part for me

Apple Needs Some Polishing

Apple Aluminium Only

It seems almost everyone has either an Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPod or iPad now. Apple’s marketing has been a huge success. So much so, that even amongst my circle of family and friends it’s hard to find anyone without an Apple or two. Last week we ‘camped’ a bunch of friends for the Paleo Festival and our apartment was awash with iPads, iPhones and Macbooks. However, I wonder if the shine maybe starting to fade from the polished Apple products. The latest OS release Lion set my mind thinking. My attraction to Apple products has been for two reasons, design and innovation. Lion has neither of these qualities. After installing

So 99c Works

Ebooks for $0.99 are becoming the norm it appears. Even though I was at first sceptical of the model, there is no doubt that it works and drives sales. While I have for some time stuck with a set pricing structure for my own books, one point it has highlighted for me is that there is an equation between volume and price to consider, as well as placing my ebooks sensibly for new readers to hopefully discover. It goes without saying that my ‘Free Bestseller’, as Amazon so imaginatively call it, is a free ebook. Vandalism of Words has astounded me by the number of Kindles it now resides on. 1000’s upon

iPad – My Best Friend

iPad – My Best Friend

Ok, I lied in the title. My iPad comes in third on my best friend ranking after my wife and my dog. But number three isn’t bad for a little slab of plastic, aluminium and technological chippie things that I don’t understand at all. As it has been a long time since I mentioned my iPad, I thought I might bring you up to date on the state of my iPad lifestyle. I mean, in techie terms it’s a long term relationship – we’ve been together for over a year now. Paper anniversary? First item to report is that my iPad spent a month just recently, tossed into a dark