iPad 3 Rumour – It Will Be Flat

flat iPad

Here we go again with every man and his dog posting rumours about the anticipated launch of the Apple iPad 3. Rumours being the operative word here as Apple never release any information about product launches until about one week before they announce that they will hold one of their ‘Special Events’. Even then they are coy about what will actually happen. The habitual formula is really starting to become one big bore. The last episode went on for months late last year with the much anticipated iPhone 5, which failed to eventuate in the end and left everyone totally disappointed. Disappointed because the rumours had built up such expectation

Are You An Apple Freak?

Apple Freaks

There’s a very good reason why Apple are now about the biggest company in the world and have taken a stranglehold, if not a monopoly in the ‘Have to Have To Be Cool’ market. But who are these millions of Apple freaks who have made Apple what it is today? With the assistance of the bare minimum of extensive research, I think I have been able to narrow down the qualities that define an Apple freak and thus the target market of Apple marketeers. Take a careful look at this list of ‘must have’ qualities and see if you are a true believer or are you just one of the millions who really

88 Cent Ebooks

88 cent Ebook Store

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am often just a few cards short of a deck and can wander off into ‘pixie land’ with my crazy ideas and off the wall notions of reality. But in recent months I have become underwhelmed by the treatment independent authors are receiving from online publishers and retailers. Many a gripe can be found in my previous posts on this subject, but I really thought it was about time to stop complaining and do something. So, I have. I have decided to act against the tide of the 99 cent model. Why should I be locked in to pricing my books at 99 cents, $2.99

Ebooks Are Not A Universal Success

Ebook Explosion

Don’t get too carried away with marketing your ebook all over the world, as the world hasn’t yet become universally Kindled nor Nooked. To be realistic about all the Amazon hype, ebooks are still predominately a US phenomenon. Yes, of course ebooks and e-readers are sold outside the US, but you can really forget about markets such as France, India, Australia, Asia and many other countries and regions where Amazon either doesn’t have a presence, or has yet to, or may never offer Kindles and ebooks. France is a great example. Amazon has it’s own large store there, but have not been offering Kindles or ebooks until just very recently.