Are Ebook Prices Heading South?

Ebook Prices

There has probably been no subject related to ebooks more discussed than price. From the beginning of the Kindle, iBook, Nook and Sony ebook revolution, pricing seems to have been the ‘X’ factor. ‘X’ here being the unknown factor. While ebook prices were originally gauged against paperback and hardcover versions, this formula went out the window extremely quickly. No matter the arguments about the time it took an author to write a book, or how long an editor slaved over each word or how much money was spent on cover design and book promotion, the perceived value of an ebook in a customer’s eyes just didn’t add up to the

Dear Apple, You Don’t Excite Me Anymore


I love my Apples, but the release of a new iPad has left me as flat as a pancake – or as flat as an iPad? Maybe this is the problem. It’s just a flat bit of aluminium with a screen, so it’s probably a bit difficult to jazz up. I don’t know? Put fancy handles on it or something? Yes, well there’s a better screen on this one and it’s got a camera and it takes dictation but that’s hardly enough reason for me to dive for my credit card and hand over hundreds of bucks when I already have an iPad. Yes it’s an original iPad 1 that’s

Only KDP Select For Me Now

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We all know there is a publishing and ebook war going on and as in any war there will be winners and losers as well as casualties along the way. But as an independent author, I don’t want any part of it. I  just want to write and hopefully sell some books. Not die on a corporate battlefield. While I have been experimenting with Kindle’s new KDP Select and trying to determine if it is worthwhile or not I stumbled on a disturbing situation that has changed the way I plan to distribute my ebooks. I’m going to move all of my books to Kindle exclusively. There are a number

The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey

The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey

How are you doing as a self-publisher? It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? What are you measuring against? Steven Lewis, better known as The Taleist to many of you, is taking a professional snapshot of the self-publishing industry. There are self-publishing authors like JA Konrath, Amanda Hocking, John Locke and (on a smaller but perfectly formed scale) Joanna Penn who are generous with their figures but they’re selling books from the tens of thousands to the millions. So does that mean you’re a failure if your figures are more modest? Or are you actually doing better than most? What is the average royalty earning for self-publishing authors? How