Amazon Kindle Ebook Price Rip Off

rip off

On occasions I have been accused of not supporting some of my conclusions about Amazon Kindle with hard facts. Well, today I will do so, and with 100% proof that Amazon Kindle are ripping off international ebook customers, as well as authors and publishers of Kindle ebooks. Forget the Amazon excusers who justify this price discrepancy as a VAT or local tax law issue. The simple fact is that if there is no Amazon Kindle Store in the country you live in, which amounts to all but ten countries in the world, you will be ripped off every time you buy a Kindle ebook. There is no excuse, as other

Changing My Reading Machine


When I first bought my Kindle, I was in love with it. Not because it was pretty, technologically fancy, and not even because it was cheap. Why I was in love with it was because I could finally read in comfort. My old eyes were starting to struggle with the font size in some books and the simple ability to adjust the font size to a level that made reading a painless pleasure again was a ‘sight for sore eyes’. At the time, I had an original iPad and although it had iBooks, the screen resolution wasn’t good enough to be able to read in comfort. So I continued happily

The Free Ebook Farce

The Free Ebook Farce

And it started out so well, didn’t it? Free ebooks have always been, well up until now anyway, a fair means of attracting attention to a new book or new author. It is something I have done myself many, many times. However, in recent months the free ebook frenzy has gone from being a semi-useful marketing tool, to now being a complete and utter waste of time. When your book is offered for free, and is up against over 4,000 other books each and every day that are also free, what is the point? I read this week of an author who was extremely pleased to have had over 25,000

Back To Smashwords After KDP Select


After almost a year, I’ve decided to end my enrolment in Amazon’s KDP Select Program and return to publishing with Smashwords and perhaps other publishers. The reasons are many, but at the top of the list is the requirement of exclusivity by Amazon. Although Amazon offered Prime Lending and Free Book Promotion in return, neither really created the volume of sales that made exclusivity anywhere near worthwhile. Another reason is the change Amazon made to their weighting of free ebooks during promotion days, which reduced the benefit of giving books away. Additionally, Kindle free book promotion has become a new industry with literally hundreds of sites benefitting from authors giving their books