Corporate Greed – The Filthy Pigs

Animal Farm

If ever there was a better time to highlight the evil that is corporate greed, it is right now. As the world, by which I mean us inconsequential plebeians, suffer the erosion of our salaries, the loss of employment, diminishing savings and for some, just damn hard to feed and clothe your kids, corporate pigs continue to wallow in a vile swill of inconceivable amounts of money. Two examples I read today just want to make me vomit in absolute disgust. Qantas CEO’s 71 per cent pay rise approved at heated annual meeting. Did you get that? SEVENTY ONE percent! And in an industry that is crying poor. The poor bastard’s salary will increase

A Greek Tragedy

Money Lenders

With the economic austerity measures now being inflicted on Greece, is it any wonder people are in the streets getting angry, and unfortunately now violent. When you take away peoples’ jobs, homes, pensions and hope, what the hell do you expect? Even in one of the oldest civilised countries in the world. The fault once again, as history has repeated so many times, it the ultra rich getting pissed off at losing a little money (that god of all things rational and good) and wanting its money back on their over enthusiastic lending. While Greece had a single Euro ( was it any different under the Drachma?) left in its reserve, there were

Greed – Nothing Is Forever


In recent days I have been following the developments of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its opposition to corporate greed. Originating from a movement begun in Spain, this notion that our societies are being fractured by the overwhelming belief by Western governments and corporations that capitalism and profit are the only way to sustain our way of life, is losing its appeal with the populations now suffering unemployment and rapid social decay. As a self confessed ‘leftie’ I have to say that I certainly have empathy with these movements. However, in itself Occupy Wall Street is not groundbreaking, but when you add this nascent movement to recent events, it is clear that a

Free Writing For Making Millions

Free Writing For Making Millions

The recent announcement of the sale of the Huffington Post to AOL should make every writer cringe at what internet entrepreneurs will, and are doing the the art of writing. They have created a market where writers are encouraged to write simply for the pleasure and to gain exposure. This would be all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact, as has been proven by this sale, that while Arianna Huffington will now pocket as much as $100 million and receive a new salary of $4 million, her army of bloggers who built her empire go begging. While the internet abounds in video, games, social networking and pornography,