Hello Friend Credit my account with your friendship, And I will return your change with a smile. For I know we’ll neither overdraw, Once we have stood the test a while. A friendship is always growing, From its early first sown seed. And with the gentle art of caring, It will grow at a steady speed. The want to make your cherished friend, A content and happy soul. Will bring the rich and full rewards, That will be treasured ‘til you’re old. Sometimes there are testing times, When the scales seem to be tipped. And maybe a time to stay tight-lipped. Just hang in there for your true dear friend,

Getting To Know You


Do you remember when it was easy to find out a little about people and their tastes and preferences? When you’d be invited to someone’s place for dinner for the first time and be left alone while the hosts were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the cooking. You naturally and nonchalantly flipped through their LP collection, or a little later their CD collection happily discovering that they were Cat Steven’s fans too . Then cast an eye on the books on their bookshelf to get an idea of their literary tastes. Orwell, Adams, Hemingway, Rankin, Clavell. Yes, conversation starters now at the ready. Then of course the framed

Once A Year Music Time

Paleo Music Festival

Nyon, the small town where I live, hosts the second largest annual music festival in the world. So every year in July, the Paléo Festival kicks into action for six days and turns our peaceful little area into a crowded music mecca. Every evening sees 35,000 people entering the gates of Paléo. As the population of our town is only around 17,000, you can imagine the effect it has on our normally tranquil existence. However, this is nothing compared to the effect it has on our small apartment. As we live within spitting distance of Paléo, our little abode becomes the festival camping ground for a goodly number of our friends and family.

Stylish Blogger Award

Derek Haines the Vandal

Now I have to tell you that I was totally shocked yesterday. Jody Ruth very kindly nominated me for … wait for this …. The Stylish Blogger Award ! Anyone who knows me would immediately grasp the shock value here as the word ‘stylish’ is definitely one that has never ever been associated with my name – until today. Slobbish, slothish, sloppy and scruffy have always been the usual fare. Anyway, according to Jody, the rules that go with this surprising nomination are as follows: Rules for the Stylish Blogger Awards Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Jody, you’re a darlin’ ! Thank you!! Share seven random facts