Free eBooks – Get Used To It

free kindle ebooks

Giving away the books you have written seems to defy logic. Why give away all your hard work for nothing? Well, welcome to the new world of Internet based publishing and book selling, where you can throw all you old logic straight out of the window. Since day one of the Internet free has been the operative word. Everyone loves free stuff. It doesn’t matter what. Music, photos, videos, software or games. Software and app developers figured this out a long time ago and have almost perfected the art of hooking users in with free products, which then lead to sales further down the track. This same logic can be applied

Free Kindle eBook Weekend

HAL by Derek Haines

Put a note in you calendars for this weekend if you would like to grab two of my novels for FREE for your Kindle. If you haven’t got a Kindle, don’t worry. You can grab them and read them with a Kindle App. On Saturday 18th February you can grab HAL. HAL, A New Glothic Tale Millions of years before February The Fifth, Gloth was making a nice little profit from the planet Erde, with the help of some cunning Popes and the very, very secret Star Chamber. Being disowned by his father and booted out of his family manor in England, then transported off to the distant sun drenched

Making Your Kindle Ebook Free

free ebooks

There are occasions when a writer may want to offer a book for free as a promotional tool.  Now making an ebook free shouldn’t be that difficult. On most publishing platforms it’s very easy. Just select ‘free’. But on Kindle, the minimum price you can charge is $0.99. So how can you get your ebook price to be listed there as free? Well, it’s not so easy. Currently I have one ebook listed for free on Kindle and this was by way of a complete and innocent accident. I published Vandalism of Words a long time ago on both Kindle and Smashwords. Obviously free on Smashwords and $0.99 on Kindle. Then about

Vandalism Too

Vandalism Too

Vandalism Too. A great little title for a sequel edition to Vandalism of Words methinks. Of course my first thought was Vandalism 2, but then I got a bit lost and started playing with II, to, two, to, too, tu, tutu, deux and twice. In the end my spell checker seemed to like Too, so I ran with its gut feeling of correctness. So what’s it all about then I hear you ask. Well in fact it is a protest edition of ‘The Vandal’s’ meaningless mind meanderings over the past year or so. As with anything protesty, it will of course be free. Well, as free as can be free