A Man For All Wars

I seem to have become addicted to videos lately. Well, rest assured, they take so long to create, I think I have reached my limit and will happily return to pen pushing now. In the meantime however, take a sip of your coffee, relax and have a little taste of Louis. A rather remarkable gentleman.

A Book For A Coffee

ebooks for a coffee

During the months of February and March, I have had a 99c sale on a good number of my e-book titles to celebrate the launch of February The Fifth. I decided to extend it to March as that is the name of February’s eldest brother. As this promotion comes to an end, my conclusion is that it was tremendously successful. If you would like one or more of my books on your Kindle, iPad, Nook or which ever e-reader you have, you have two choices. Get in quick before the end of March, or wait until April when the prices go back to normal. Difficult choice? But what is the

An Interview With Derek Haines

Author Derek Haines

With the release of his new book, February The Fifth, our reporter Said Orquardly tracked down Derek Haines for this exclusive interview. SO. How did you come to discover this hidden planet called Gloth? DH. It was strange really. I was actually looking at images of Jupiter in Google images. I found one I liked, but there was a big red blotch on it. So I popped it into my clever photo software to clean it up. But when I erased the red blotch, I noticed there was something behind it. SO. Gloth? DH. Yes. After a little more Jupiter erasing, there it was. The hidden planet of Gloth. SO.

Something About Life And The Universe

I love it when a first happens. And here we go with one. My guest blogger today, Quirina Roode-Gutzmer just happens to be the very first German-English translator to appear on the Vandal Blog. Just goes to show that there are daredevils in all walks of life. So get ready, grab a coffee and enjoy Quirina’s tale. Something about life and the Universe. I uttered the name of the person people pray to, out of sheer fright, out of respect for influences greater than myself. Usually I don’t need a God in my thinking processes, but occasionally I resort to acknowledging the possibility of a divine personage. This was one