How To Dress For The Internet


With the exponential increase in Social Networking and Social Media there had to be a few stars rise to the top of the pile. Now being in the enviable position of being one of these chosen elite, I’ve decided that it is about time we got serious about all this stuff and started enforcing a dress code for the virtually social glitterati. With the advent of Google+ video hangouts and the natural progression soon of other social networking sites to incorporate video, you will just have to look your best. Now pay strict attention here because if you have more than 5,000 followers, you really don’t want to embarrass yourself by being incorrectly

Habit Or True Love

levis zippo

There are just a few things I can’t do without. Items that have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Perhaps they have formed part of my persona over the years. Or then again, maybe I’m getting old and am totally stuck in my ways. The first, top, number one and genuinely the thing I just can’t do without are Levi jeans. If I’m not wearing Levi’s I feel inadequate, unfashionable and to be quite honest, uncomfortable in the nether regions. As fashion trends come and go, or in my case been and went, I still go on a hunt for the waist and leg

I Want To Confess My Fetish

A blog is probably not the proper forum in which one should open up and admit to one’s deepest secrets. Then again, I’ve never been good at rules. So I will share my deepest fetish secret with you. I cannot resist stupid T-shirts. My collection has grown over the years. Starting with your typical holiday variety of stock standard tourist issue and then moving into a free company donated walking advertising collection. From these humble beginnings, my fetish extended to concert memorabilia and then sporting events. It was at this point in my life that I knew I had an addiction that could require help to avoid my fetish becoming