My Generous Neighbour – Michael Schumacher


Not everyone had a seven times Formula 1 champion living just down the road. My wife is even closer as his house is right opposite where she works. In the Swiss tradition though, we let Schumi lead his life and don’t bother him if we stumble over him when shopping on a Saturday morning. The news that he is now confirmed to come out of retirement after three years and once again race in Formula 1 was a very big surprise. Us locals had envisaged Shumi enjoying his retirement here along with a few of his predecessors. However we all really wish him the best of luck on his return

Worth More Dead


Even though we live in an age of perpetual change, re-adjustment, advancement and technological wonders, one thing stays wonderfully fixed, stable and set in concrete. And that is that any artistic endeavour is only fully rewarded and recognised when the creator is fully dead and buried. There has even been a phrase coined to describe this. It’s called a ‘Roy Orbison Career Move’. Why? Because poor old Roy, was good. In fact I think he had the most wonderful voice. However the world really only caught on and started spending money on his recordings after he died. He joined a long list of artists who earned more money in the

I Had a Dream

Martin Luther King

I had one of those magical MLK moments last night. One of those crystal clear dream moments when every thread of my illogical thoughts caramalised into a fudge like state of total and believable reality. The kind of moment that is absolutely momentous when hatched with your head buried under a pillow. One of those moments of insight that is almost knife like in its cutting accuracy. I had a dream. I had a dream that my hypothetical and spiritualistic dream like trance state of transformation from mere mortal to respected Author, Songwriter, Poet, Idiot had been accepted my mainstream literary agents and publishers of the world as the absolute

News Update

News Update

A word of warning! If you have been following my blog, this story is probably worth a pass. If you haven’t been here before you’re in luck. Why? Because today I want to do an update of my new career. That’s the one I have now because the last one died an awful, bloody and painful death in May this year. Similar in fact to the one before that. Another career that burst into flames overnight and self combusted in a puff of smoke before my eyes. I think I have set the scene for your here. I am old enough to have had a few careers implode in dramatic