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Social networking is really the buzz word at the moment for all things internet, economic, financial, personal and professional. Chock full of scams and opportunity of course. As an author, it is a medium of great interest to me, and I try very hard to keep myself informed of the many wonderfully creative developments. However, one aspect of social networking I am becoming increasingly concerned about is automation and what I would class as impersonal social behaviour. I read an article yesterday written by a business guru here in Switzerland espousing the virtues of social networking for business. No problem there. Where I did find a problem was when the

What Do Feeds Do?

blog feeds

I was looking for some inspirational idea for my blog post today, but got lost in trying to understand how to feed my blog. For those who know what this is, you probably understand my frustration. For those who don’t, here is a quick explanation. When I post a new blog entry, the mysterious marvels of modern communication leap into action and advise anyone, everyone, and sometimes no one of my wonderful new post. Tools such as Google’s Feedburner, TwitterFeed, and numerous others send either a copy of your blog to another blog site, or send a cute little message to Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and other social networking sites

Remember ICQ?


Mistakes are easy to admit to when you know you are guilty. But when you innocently dive into a new minestrone of mystery, you have to wonder whether it was real your fault or not. I started on my social networking mystery tour a year or more ago when my daughter told me I just had to be on Facebook so I could keep up with my grand children’s exploits. As I live in Switzerland, and my grand children in Australia, this made real sense. Mind you I have seen very little of them on Facebook since. But I was there, so why not hook up with a few friends