How To Dress For The Internet


With the exponential increase in Social Networking and Social Media there had to be a few stars rise to the top of the pile. Now being in the enviable position of being one of these chosen elite, I’ve decided that it is about time we got serious about all this stuff and started enforcing a dress code for the virtually social glitterati. With the advent of Google+ video hangouts and the natural progression soon of other social networking sites to incorporate video, you will just have to look your best. Now pay strict attention here because if you have more than 5,000 followers, you really don’t want to embarrass yourself by being incorrectly

Promoting Conversation and Interaction

Social Media Conversation

Perhaps it’s not clear to some of my readers, but I have purposely implemented a few automatic functions in my blog. All designed to promote conversation, interaction and the opportunity to take full advantage of what social media is all about. Sharing. Firstly, all commenters can add their latest blog post to any comment they make on The Vandal, thus increasing the readership of their own blogs. For me this is a vital part of my blog. It’s not just about me, but a forum for all to share their thoughts. Secondly, all comments made on The Vandal are forwarded to Twitter and The Vandal on Facebook, further promoting conversation and opinion.

Virtual Events – The Latest Pain


Everyday without fail, I receive at least one hundred invitations to virtual events on Goodreads and Facebook. A virtual event? What the hell is a virtual event? You either have one or you don’t. Then there is the fact that I’m very comfortable on my old sofa, sipping my glass of red, and don’t feel at all like moving my butt to an event of any description. Well, unless there is a possibility of free booze and nibbly things. The thought of ‘virtual’ free drinks and snacks hardly rates talking about. So frequent are these invitations now that I am going to add them to my list of pain in

How To Become Popular On Twitter

Twitter Rules

Twitter is a strange beast in the world of social media. It operates on an undefined set of rules that are so vague it is even unclear if Twitter itself is sure as to how it works. It’s a forum so full of clutter and textural pollution that it’s a wonder really why anyone bothers with it at all. But yet they do. It is truly amazing how much rubbish you can fit into 140 characters, and that is the charm of it all. So the challenge on Twitter is to make sure you are keeping up with the trends and incorporating the correct and acceptable types of rubbish that