Sociable Or Marketable?

Social Media

What do you use social networking for? Making new friends and acquaintances? Keeping in touch with family and friends? Or marketing your yourself, your book or your recipe blog? As maturity of new platforms on the Internet takes a couple of years, it’s probably about the time that a maturity and understanding of social networking is happening for a lot of us. I must be honest and admit that over the last couple of years I’ve tried a lot of different approaches and ideas connected with social media networks and also honestly admit that there were many complete failures. Then there were the complete disasters. However, among these efforts were

So Who Bought The Internet?

Internet Monopoly

As a long time user of The Internet, who started in the very old clunky day of the mid-nineties when we all thought Excite Chat was really cool, I must admit that the feeling of freedom and independence it gave is slowly fading away. Gone are the pioneers who battled away night and day building a website using Microsoft Frontpage and battling the snail’s pace of a 28k modem. Long gone are the 50 meter long telephone cables connecting our first portable IBM laptops. Also long gone are the awfully expensive prices we paid simply to be connected. One good thing. Back then, Yahoo and Excite were the biggies and

So, Where’s Your Tribe?


Although it’s a new buzzword, building your ‘tribe’ is an indispensable element in developing your social networking presence. Whether you are an author trying to make an impact with your books or a jewelry designer, app developer or blogger, the need to build a following is paramount. Mind you, this is not a process for the shy or timid. Building a sizable social media following takes laborious hard work and a thick skin. Worrying about those few who either unfollow or block you shouldn’t stand in your way to continue building each and every day. Of course there are so many platforms available now, it can be a difficult decision

Fed Up With Social Media

Fed up With Social Media

Do I know you? Are you at least a friend of one of my friend’s friends friends? Did you go to school with one of my kids and now you’re just a bit curious as to who I am? Did we meet on a bus or have some meaningful contact back in 1997 in the days of ICQ? Well, if the answer is no to these questions, why do you want to make contact with me? The answer is simple. Social Media have turned the whole world into manic friends and followers of anybody. It doesn’t matter who, so long as that list of ‘friends’ just keeps getting longer everyday.