I Live In Paradise – Except For Today


Living on the fourteenth and top floor of an old 60’s tower block in Switzerland isn’t so bad. Views over Lake Geneva to the Alps, Mont Blanc, the Jura and from Lausanne to the Jet d’eau in Geneva, I must admit to being spoilt. I have to remind myself from time to time how lucky I really am. Until today. A 60’s tower block is a 60’s tower block and the elevators that get me up and down are also a relic of the 60’s. So they are now very much prone to functioning on a limited and unpredictable basis. So much so that finally there is action underway to

Canine Translation Dictionary

Sleeping Dog

As many of my readers already know, my assistant, editor, ideas man and general factotum around my little writing abode is Yalla, my English Cocker Spaniel and man about town and cafés. While his job description remains a little vague, it does seem that sleeping forms a major part of his work day. Perhaps all those ideas he has to digest from me tire him out. As working mates, we have a great professional and personal relationship but from time to time we still suffer the odd communication breakdown. Languages here in Switzerland are so diverse that we hardly notice the fun and games that go along with not understanding

A Dog’s Tale


A dog may not be able to talk, but boy do they have the power of thought, reasoning and an uncanny ability to negotiate successfully. I am the proud owner of an 18 month old English Cocker Spaniel, who is a master of cunning, manipulation and generally getting what he wants. Being a spaniel though, almost all of his logic, decisions and observations are made via his nose. This makes for some interesting views on his part about the world around him. As you can see from his eyes, he is also very determined and has a way of making sure his wants are noticed. So come for a short

The Assistant Vandal

The Assistant Vandal

It is now just over a year since I started my ‘live in’ job as the Personal Assistant and Fitness Coach to The Vandal and his alter ego ageing author. To say he was a handful at the beginning would be an understatement. He had no routine, was criminally lazy and lacking in any form of healthy exercise. My first months were spent re-training him and bringing some semblance of order to his days and drilling him into a new work ethic. A seven day working week. While he resisted at first, I found that excessive barking, random defecatory initiatives and sock stealing brought him around to a new realisation