Getting On Sucks

Old Age Sucks

As one who is entering the so called ‘Autumn Years’, I have to tell you that it really is a pain. To be precise, it’s a pain everywhere. Legs, back, joints and probably reflected equally in my painfully grumpy attitude at times. My agenda is starting to fill with far too regular appointments with doctors, and far too few long drunken lunches complete with ribald conversation. The other painful part of the ageing process is the all too frequent ………… now what was I going to say here? Oh yes. The far too frequent lapses of short term memory and inability to concentrate on two things at the same time. Even

How Easy Is This?

yalla cocker spaniel

This is my first attempt at a full blog post written and created totally on my iPad. For all that has been written and said about the iPad, there is nothing I can add. Except maybe one thing. The only ‘poo pooing’ I have read has been from people who don’t own an iPad. From a personal perspective, it does exactly what I bought it to do. Be a convenient way to access and consume the Internet and offer the means to do a little writing from time to time. These things it does brilliantly. Especially the auto spell check and replace. Does wonders for my habitually bad typing and

Do I Need A Pet?


Since I started my new career as an Author, Songwriter, Poet and Idiot and being never too old to rock and roll and vandalise words and music, I have noticed that I spend a lot of time alone. Now this is good in a lot of respects. I need time to think, concentrate, imagine, create and generally be as lazy as possible. With no one around most of the time to tell me to get off the sofa and get some exercise, I don’t. At least in summer I sit on café terraces and watch the world go by. Walking from one terrace to another is good exercise I think.