Gloth Is Googleless

Gloth is not found on Google

An astonishing discovery was made by a Vandal reader. The planet Gloth has been censored by Google! Yes, I know that is hard to believe that such a remarkable feat of astronomical detective work by Derek Haines should be covered up. Either by glaring omission, or more likely by a government conspiracy, but it is sadly the current state of affairs. When asked for his reaction to this obviously hideous abuse of internet censorship, Derek Haines was quoted as saying, ‘Typical. Just typical’. Although clearly angered by the situation, he seemed to want to avoid controversy and has not lodged a formal complaint. He has however sent a letter to

An Interview With Author Derek Haines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 12, 2011 Reprint from With the release of his new book, February The Fifth, our reporter Said Orquardly tracked down Derek Haines for this exclusive interview. SO. How did you come to discover this hidden planet called Gloth?  DH. It was strange really. I was actually looking at images of Jupiter in Google images. I found one I liked, but there was a big red blotch on it. So I popped it into my clever photo software to clean it up. But when I erased the red blotch, I noticed there was something behind it.  SO. Gloth?  DH. Yes. After a little more Jupiter

February The Fifth – An Important Date

February The Fifth

Yes, I’ve got a new book on the way. However, there is still a way to go before it hits any shelves. Or should I now say iPads, Kindles and Nooks instead of shelves? Or coming to a screen near you? It is currently in the last stages of proofing and minor editing, but is ready for book bloggers and book reviewers. So if you are interested in receiving an ‘advance electronic copy’ of February The Fifth for review, I would certainly be pleased to hear from you. It is available in .mobi, .epub and .pdf formats. Just a little feel for what it’s about, here’s the blurb! A young