Habit Or True Love

levis zippo

There are just a few things I can’t do without. Items that have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Perhaps they have formed part of my persona over the years. Or then again, maybe I’m getting old and am totally stuck in my ways. The first, top, number one and genuinely the thing I just can’t do without are Levi jeans. If I’m not wearing Levi’s I feel inadequate, unfashionable and to be quite honest, uncomfortable in the nether regions. As fashion trends come and go, or in my case been and went, I still go on a hunt for the waist and leg

Clothes Shrink In Winter

shrinking jeans

It is coming towards that time of the year when an annual scientific mystery leaves me puzzled as to what can happen inside a wardrobe over the cold winter months. In recent years this puzzling mystery had increased in ferocity and is starting to give me strange phobias about leaving the bitterness of winter and wanting to enjoy the pleasures of spring. There is just no rational explanation as to why all my precious Levi’s reduce in waist line capacity over winter and induce an extremely uncomfortable standing start to the warmer temperatures. Sitting during the first weeks of spring is next to impossible. The same affliction affects my wardrobe