Happy 720th Birthday

swiss cervelat

How do you celebrate your country’s birthday? So many traditions, so many countries. So with the numbers against me, I’ll concentrate on one country. Mine. Well, I have two, so I’d better be clear on this and point out that I’m talking about celebrating the 1st August, the National Day of Switzerland. Although I live in Switzerland, I was born in Australia, but oddly enough the major components of each country’s celebration are not that far removed from each other. Fireworks and – sausages! While in Australia we throw some ‘snags’ (sausages) on the BBQ, here in Switzerland we put on our hiking boots and head off to the forest, find

Today Is

Lazy Day

I have decided to designate today as the official ‘World Day of Abject Laziness’. As there seems to be world days for almost everything else, I cannot think of one good reason why we should not celebrate this most wonderful of simple pleasures. It should not be left to the already over burdened Sunday to carry the load all by itself. No, we need to unite in laziness and ensure that the whole world knows about its noble and glorious traditions so they can be passed on to new generations. Laziness is our only true defence against the oligarchy and the ruling elite who profit from exploiting us 24 hours