Do Free Ebook Promotions Increase Sales?


With the introduction of their KDP Select Program late last year, Amazon changed the rules with regard to self publishing. Prior to its introduction, self publishers were free to sell their books though any channel or retailer. However with KDP Select, Amazon demanded a commitment  to make the digital format of your book available exclusively through KDP. In return for this exclusivity, Amazon makes the book available to their ‘Prime Lending Library’, plus allows for five days of free promotion each ninety days for each book enrolled. Quite honestly, it doesn’t sound like such a great deal. However, many self publishing authors, including myself, joined the program with the hope that

Slap An Indie

Slap an Indie

My post title may sound like a bit of self-flagellation but a recent post by Stella Deleuze titled ‘Indies, sometimes I just want to slap them!’ caught my immediate attention. It’s of course no secret that self-publishing has been a fantastic development for Indie Authors, but unfortunately there are many writers (I do however use this term loosely for some of them) now coming to self-publishing who have no idea about how to conduct themselves when promoting their book or books. Everyday without fail I receive emails, Twitter messages, Facebook messages and Goodreads messages from authors I do not know and have never heard of, who want me to promote their

Free Ebooks Are Not A New Idea

Free Ebooks

The issue of free book promotion on Kindle seems to have many scratching their heads. While I have read numerous times that some are worried about giving away their work for nothing, it is worth remembering that free books are not a new idea. In fact it is a very old idea and one the book publishing industry has been using for almost ever. As an English teacher, I am offered free text books by the dozens each year. When I was a teacher trainer, it was by the hundreds each year. Text book sales are driven by getting the right people to use or recommend them. Hence, teachers, principals,

Before You Desert Smashwords For KDP Select

smashwords vs amazon kdp select

Amazon’s KDP Select program is changing the rules for self publishers. It wants exclusivity, which means you cannot offer your book for sale anywhere else. Judging by the number of comments and on my recent post about Smashwords vs Exclusivity, it is clearly an issue that has a long way to run before the dust settles. I am sure that most self publishers, have up until now, made their ebooks available on both Kindle and Smashwords and in doing so have been able to have their books made available via Smashwords distribution to Apple, B&N, Sony and a number of other online retailers. A sensible and logical approach. But now