What And Who I Read

blogs I Iove

As all writers do, I read a lot. So I thought it might be an insight for readers of my blog to know who I read and why. Perhaps another day I’ll post a list of the books and authors I read, but today I’ll give you a taste of the blogs I read regularly, if not daily. So here we go with an insight into my daily reading. Have We Had Help: I have to place my good mate Jack Eason at the head of my list. Not only do we both share a southern hemisphere upbringing, but we also share a love for science fiction. Not only this,

Is Your Blog Visitor Friendly?

Website Heatmap

Recently, I wrote about how authors should think carefully when placing a link to their books on their blogs to increase book sales. A small but important point and applicable to anyone who has a website or blog. It is always worth remembering that visitors to webpages make very quick decisions about what they want to read and therefore what links they click. You only have a few seconds to impress. So to take the thought a little further, I thought it would be worth looking at a webpage as a whole, and comparing your own blog or website to the ‘heat map’ graphics attached to this post. Many blogs and

Blogger To WordPress – The Lonely Lost Week

Blogger To WordPress – The Lonely Lost Week

I really should have titled this post ‘Migrating from Blogger to WordPress’ and picked up some SEO and backlinks but I’m really quite useless at all the gibbery pokery that goes with capturing unsuspecting Google searchers with a nifty title. I could also have titled it, ‘Where did that week go?’ and at least it would have been accurate. Enough to say that moving your beloved blog from Blogger is a tough decision. We all know WordPress is the platform of choice, but crickey, it is really a long and confusing process. I’m not going to list all the steps you need to take to accomplish this marathon as there

Are Websites Redundant?

old websites are dead

In one word. Probably. Or if not, at least in an internet hospice on pain killing drugs. Social networking, blogs and instant interaction and feedback are making the old website look and feel a static and boring. Similarly with email. It is old and stodgy compared to instant messaging, texting and chatting, which are instantaneously gratifying. I recall my first website in 1995. What a brilliant achievement it was. However, in 2011 it would look disastrous. A flat, boring and lifeless mini billboard trying to tell the world as it zoomed by, that I was interesting in some kind of nice commercial way that may evoke someone to part with