OK I Give In

New Kindle User

Times move so quickly and as the years pass I find changes seem to happen even faster and faster. This time last year I was concentrating my energy into writing books. You know, those things that were made of paper and had glossy covers. There were even some that came with a cover jacket and hard covers. Do you remember them? For that matter, do you remember visiting something called a book shop and flipping the crisp new paper pages with your fingers? Well now, only a little more than 365 short days later, I must make a humbling admission. Please sit down as this may come as a shock

It’s All About Character


You have to know your main character almost as well as you know yourself. If not, your story will be missing a vital ingredient. With all the resources that are available on the internet, it is very easy for an aspiring writer, to be overwhelmed with all the information. There is so much advice from experienced and published authors, writing coaches, editors and probably just as much from people who have hardly any idea about writing whatsoever. Sorting the wheat from the chaff can take some doing. However, it is I well worth doing, as learning to write a story and in a style that will attract readers is not

Are You A Writer?

Are You A Writer

The book publishing industry has been turned on its head in recent years with the advent of easily accessible and economical choices enabling authors to self-publish their works. Added to this has been the rapid increase in the popularity of e-books. The opportunities have never been better for writers to engage with readers, showcase their talent and hopefully, sell books. Self-publishing, like any other endeavour rewards those who work hard. ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get’ as the saying goes. While most of us think about novels when we think of publishing, it is important to add that e-book publishing is highly suited to poetry, essays and short

A Writer’s Free Day

A Writer’s Free Day

At last! A day free of any commitments. Free from doctor’s appointments, veterinary check ups, shopping, cleaning, teaching and errand running. Free of students, lesson plans and check out chicks. Free of driving, being somewhere and forever checking my iPhone calendar for the things I forgot I had forgotten. A free day. So of course I chose to spend my wonderfully event free day, writing. But of course Sod’s Law took over immediately after breakfast. Some call it writer’s block but I prefer to call it a total brain freeze and mental whiteout. Not a single idea worth wasting a verb upon. No satirically black idea worth a double negative.