The Online Writer


Being a writer nowadays is so linked to the Internet that there is no way of escaping the need to be at least a little ‘tech’ savvy. With ebooks becoming so popular in such a short space of time, writers need to come to grips with new technologies and their application and how these interact with readers. At the same time, these technologies have opened the floodgates for so many writers and ‘wanna be writers’ that it is becoming far more difficult to be noticed in the deluge of books being published. Now unless you are a very well known and established author, generating enough sales to make a living

I Think I Might Destroy The World

Destroy Earth

In my last two books, HAL and February The Fifth, I’ve been toying with the absolute silliness of our human existence. Little tribes separated by thin red lines on a map and all getting seriously upset in our little patches of Earth because those guys on the other side of the thin red lines worship a different God or speak a language we don’t understand. Even more upset if they are a different colour and eat different food. Perhaps they wear silly hats that we don’t like. One way or another, we in our little tribes of human existence specialise in disliking each other with immense and warlike passion. Kill first, ask questions

So What Did You Expect For 99c?


E-books and e-readers have become so popular so quickly that it is hard now to remember now that we were all happily paying $25 or more for a book not so long ago. Amazon’s Kindle in particular has been responsible for bringing the e-book to market, but e-book prices have lowered the value of a book by so much, the returns for authors and publishers are diminishing rapidly by the day. Yes, one can argue that e-books sell in greater volumes, but I completely disagree with this. E-book sales have replaced traditional book sales, and at great cost. This is proven by the financial hardship that has been felt by bookstores. Border’s bankruptcy

People Watching

Penelope Fletcher

I’m not much for giving advice to other writers, however, as I develop my next book I’ve fallen into a comforting habit I find remarkably useful in bringing characters to life. And if your not a writer its simply fun if you have nothing to do. People watching. I consider it unofficial anthropology, a beloved study of my fellow man. This is how I breathe life into my characters, and how I make their reactions, body movement and expressions real in the most unreal of situations. People are fascinating. We’re forever multiplying, changing, striving to do better. Everyday interactions and conversations can be twisted by the mind of a writer