Short Story – Roggan’s Tower By Jack Eason

Roggan's Tower

Roggan’s Tower Everything that he had ever been told about the crumbling old tower high on the hills above the dead plains of Azurewrath was true after all. Shivers ran up Garren’s strong back as his vivid grey eyes took in every evil detail. The legend often told by storytellers, said it was once the abode of the last of the noble dragon warriors of old – Lord Roggan, sword master and champion of Azurewrath’s great king, Borr the bald. Now the time had finally arrived when peace and stability across the land had been driven beyond recent memory by the tower’s current occupant the wizard Theophas. He was by

Renewed, Updated, Refreshed, Reworked and Reissued

The Vandal

The one distinct advantage that self publishing has over traditional publishing is that it’s a snap to renew, update, refresh and republish a book. Way back, a very long time ago in the dim dark age of books that were made from dead trees and had things called pages – in 2009 – I released a silly little book titled Vandalism of Words. Well, to my complete surprise it has been downloaded, bought, lent, borrowed and read zillions of times. Both in ebook and in print. However I started to think it was now a bit dated and needed a refresh and of course new content. So, da da! In

My Take Away Vampire

My Take Away Vampire

And now for something completely different, as the saying goes. This little story began as a tongue in cheek blog post some time ago and due to the feedback, I began to think about writing a little novella. So, after much deliberation, procrastination and a lot of red wine, my little vampire novella is now out and ready to be bitten to pieces. My Take Away Vampire – A Tasty Novella Although Agatha is over three hundred years old, it certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t adapt and fit into ugly post-industrial small town suburbia. Partial to the delights that an evening at McDonald’s often serve her, she waits at

That Damn Vampire Again

Old Vampires

Some time ago, I ventured into writing a silly blog post about the genre of the moment. Damn vampires. Then for some very odd reason, some people found what I had written rather tasty and prompted them to ask for more of Agatha and Reggie. Fools! Being a very accommodating sort of fellow though, I thought well, why not give it a try? This was some time ago and I can happily report today that, yes I have lengthened the story out to a novella, and secondly that it was really just bloody terrible. I can confirm this because I sent my first draft to a very well read and trusted vampire,