Technology: What Is It?


If I was working for the Oxford Dictionary, I would just love to make one entry. For one solitary word. tech·nol·o·gy /tekˈnäləjē/ noun – Something that doesn’t quite work as yet.  No matter what form of technology one can imagine, there is always the ‘new but annoying’ factor that removes one’s sense of enjoyment from the product. Case in point was my perfectly functioning iPhone that after updating to a new software version recently has now decided that its battery life is only half of what it was before. This was after upgrading the operating system on my Macbook that decided wi-fi connection was an optional and very on and off

Virtual Events – The Latest Pain


Everyday without fail, I receive at least one hundred invitations to virtual events on Goodreads and Facebook. A virtual event? What the hell is a virtual event? You either have one or you don’t. Then there is the fact that I’m very comfortable on my old sofa, sipping my glass of red, and don’t feel at all like moving my butt to an event of any description. Well, unless there is a possibility of free booze and nibbly things. The thought of ‘virtual’ free drinks and snacks hardly rates talking about. So frequent are these invitations now that I am going to add them to my list of pain in

5 Things That Annoy Me (Part 4)

Annoys Me

It’s been a little while since I vented my spleen on some of my favourite annoyances. While my first post on this topic was intended to be a one off, I liked the idea so much that I just had to write a second. Even after two I felt unfulfilled, so along came a third annoying post. Then all of a sudden this morning, I felt an urge to write a fourth episode in my annoyances trilogy. Yes, I know it should be limited to three, but dear Douglas Adams got away with five parts to his trilogy of Hitchhiker books, so I reckon I still have one more up