Keeping with the animal theme I started on yesterday, I was wandering our place this morning while waking up and swallowing caffeine, and made a discovery. Although my wife and I consider ourselves as sensible dust hating minimalists with two eyes each firmly fixed on practicality, we, like everyone else, collect little trinkets. Just like squirrels or magpies. We can’t help ourselves.

On close inspection, I narrowed down the causes. There are three. Holidays, friends and flea markets.

For some reason, when we go on holiday, we just can’t resist buying some cheap piece of junk that will hopefully remind us forever of our wonderful time in where ever every time we visit our toilet. The photo below is living proof of our now toiletted memories of vacations past.

derek haines 3

And then of course there is the collection of tourist caps full of blissful memories. Latest addition to the collection below left. I hope your German is working for this one.

Derek Hainesderek Haines1

The price of friendship can be very high. But nothing is higher that the cost of displaying the wonderful collection of gifts given in the true spirit of friendship and generosity. Forever and a day. Again proof in photographic form of our kitchen and bookshelf display of our treasured and ever growing collection of tokens of friendship.

derek haines 4

derek haines 5

Lastly is my wife’s addiction to flea markets. The bargains on offer are truly irresistible. Hence our historic and antique chicken advertising and funny tea pot display in our kitchen.

derek haines 6

As much as I try to complain, I have to admit that I have been hooked. My rigid practicality must take a back seat to my squishy feelgood sentimentality. Therefore we are sentenced to a lifetime of dusting our precious little squirrel collection.

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  • 01/07/2011 at 4:51 pm

    I found the date for this post even more interesting than the post itself Derek – Saturday, October 27, 2012.

    I didn't realise you are a time traveller lol :)

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