Spell CheckerMy spell checker is driving me insane. It is something I have put up with for more than ten years now, but I think the time has come for my infinite patience to take a well earned grump attack and for me to say out loud that I am really fed up.

Now, writing in English is not that difficult. Compared to French, Spanish and Arabic it’s a cinch. But why oh why do I have to select which English I want to use, and then find that my computer has taken a stupid pill and decided to change my selected version of English to another? Normally half way through my perfect piece of Shakespearean prose.

American, British, Australian or just English are the choices I have on my cute little Macbook. Great idea. But somehow flawed in application. I am consistently bombarded with little red lines under my well chosen words complaining about esses and zeds. About or and our. About travelling and traveling. I think you know exactly the kind of annoyance I encounter.

So I have tried re-setting, re-defaulting, re-templating and re-booting, but to no avail. No matter which English language I set, it just loves to change half way through my master piece and start the process of driving me crazy once more. So, is there an answer for a prolific writer like myself?

Yes, there is. It took me some time to find it, but as with most complex problems, the solution was remarkably simple. Turn the annoying spellchecker off! I know this sounds radical, but the logic is really quite sane. I went back to the tried and true method of trusting my education. Of using my many years of spelling bees and dictation. Put simply, to use my brain instead of being ruled by my computer’s wizardry. To read proof read instead of relying on little red lines.

My native English is Australian English which complicates matters a little. It is a cross between British and American with a sprinkling of it’s own lexical condiments. But I would like to be true to my culture and education and write in my own English. Esses, double ells and unique vocabulary included.

Therefore from this point forward, I will now be writing spell checker free, and would now like to tell you about a marvellous night my wife and I had at a beautiful rest….. restrau….… reste….restau….. Hmm? Well, you know, a place where you go to eat fine food in the evening with your wife and a waiter takes your order and brings your wine.

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Spell Checker Freedom
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