twitter-toolsWhile I’m not of advocate of ‘Get Followers Fast’ or full blown Twitter automation, there is still a need for a little maintenance and general housekeeping of a Twitter account. As it is a fast paced social media platform with users coming, going, becoming inactive or simply being annoying or spamming, a little tidy up from time to time is necessary to keep enjoying Twitter.

There are also some useful tools for helping you know about other users who are mentioning you or retweeting you. It always pays to be nice and be reciprocal on Twitter.

While there are literally 1,000’s of Twitter tools available now, I have only mentioned the tools here that I can recommend and use regularly myself.

So for those of you who may be new to Twitter or still coming to grips with it, hopefully these tools will make your Twitter interaction more enjoyable.


followfriday_helperFollowFriday Helper is not just about Fridays and #FF. You can use it anytime as it finds all the people who have interacted with you. Whether it be by a mention or an RT, it’s a great tool to find people who you would like to send out a mention to and thank them.
chirpcityChirp City is one of my favorite tools as it finds Tweeps in your city or local area. A great way to make new friends or narrow down your following to a certain geographical area.
listoriousListorious is the mega site for Twitter lists. You can find out what lists you may like to follow or discover who is listing you.
who unfollowed meWho Unfollowed Me answers the obvious question. Not that you want to unfollow people but if they have done the dirty deed to you, why not return the favour?
manageflitterManage Flitter is a mass unfold tool, so should be used with care as overuse could result in Twitter suspension. However, it is a great tool if you want to clear out inactive users. If they have abandoned Twitter, why keep following them? is a great tool to have if you have a blog. You can set your blog’s RSS feed and link it to your Twitter account an it will automatically tweet every time you publish a new post.
Six Useful Twitter Tools
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