Did you pass the odd one out quiz above?

It took a very long time to find any record of a man appearing in a detergent advertisement. Two hours web hunting to be precise. So, of course I start to think here of stereotypical sexism. As a stay at home husband, I am offended by my daily bombardment of know it all women in detergent advertising. Telling me how white my whites will be, and how ketchup stains will disappear from my kids trousers.

Get real. I don’t have little ankle biters anymore!

I want to hear a man’s perspective. How stiff and crisp will my Levi’s feel after using X product detergent. Will my hankies be perfectly white and snot sludge free? I want to be assured that my jocks will not give me a detergent rash in the nether regions after using softener X.

And of course, tell me about a detergent that can wash my whites and colours at the same time and make my hands look young and wrinkle free. Laundry bliss!

Now, don’t get me started on ironing!

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