blogHave you ever had a software or hardware problem? One that you couldn’t solve yourself and had to finally resort to emailing or messaging Customer Support. If you have, then you will know that it usually feels like sending a message in a bottle, or into the ether.

If you are really lucky, you get an automated response telling you that your ‘issue’ will be dealt with at some unknown distant point in the future and to refer to the FAQs and discussion groups in the (mid to long term) meantime.

Well, let me brighten your day. The software I use for my website and blog has been absolutely wonderful for more than three years now. I use Rapidweaver and a number of excellent plugins from Loghound. One of these plugins is RapidBlog, and it allows me to sync between my website blog and Google Blogger. It’s marvellous.

But yesterday afternoon, it wouldn’t load. Error message and alike. So after a number of tries at remedying the problem without success, I contacted Loghound Support. Of course expecting an automated answer in a few days if I was extremely lucky.

How wrong I was. I received a response within an hour late in the afternoon and forwarded the requested information. Thirty minutes later, a request to send my file for examination. At exactly 23:11 I received an email with an upgrade fix attached. That’s right. A fix in less than seven hours!

So I tip my hat to John and Karn at Loghound. That was seriously a super slick customer service surprise.

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Seriously Super Slick Service Surprise
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