I know everyone in the world has an opinion about the Apple iPhone 4 now. There is no place to hide from the daily scribblings of attention seeking journalists and bloggers. Added to this cacophony of words are incessant mentions on all the social networking sites plus local newspapers and talk back radio. Even television is no escape as every character in every program is using an iPhone. The only real escape is to watch 60s repeats.

Now if you read and listen to all this exposure, propaganda, marketing and twiddle twaddle you will know two things. One is that the Apple iPhone 4 is exceptionally cool and if you don’t have one you are sub-human and will be ostracised from the human race and deported to a far off planet on the next twenty light year flight. Number two is that it doesn’t work.

One would think that this last piece of knowledge would dissuade even the most ardent iPhone devotee from buying this version. Common sense would scream that a wait of a few months would be wise. The threat of being deported to a far off Appleless planet will not affect you just because you want to wait a little while until the damn thing can make telephone calls. Even worse is that you will have to order one and wait an incredibly long time to actually get one of these not-working-as-it-should iPhones.

But no. The threat of being labeled as uncool because one only possess an out of fashion iPhone 3GS and haven’t been given a free bumper case will drive everyone to their local iPhone provider and plead for their lives and reputations for an ‘Antennagate’ iPhone 4.

What a crazy world we now live in.

Rotten Apples
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