It has been nearly fifty years since JFK set a challenge to mankind. And, it has now been forty years since the challenge was fulfilled by Neil Armstrong. Since then, nothing.

Now I am sure you will think that detonating our moon into tiny dust particles sounds a bit radical, but there are some very sound reasons for putting this on our collective political agendas and working together to implement the plan before the next decade is out.

Firstly, we now know that there is plenty of water on the moon courtesy of the LCROSS mission. So, get the timing right and blow up the moon when it’s trajectory crosses central Australia and the Sahara and boom, instant agriculture. Dumping all those buckets of moon water on our vast desert regions. On the way to feeding our ever growing population.

As well as the water, the moon is rich in minerals. We’’ll have dug everything up on Earth soon, so let’s plan for our grand children. Gravity will bring all those mineral rich dust particles down to Earth in no time at all. Our kids and grand kids won’t even have to go down a hole to get the stuff. It will just bee lying around, on everything.

Next. Global warming. Solved in an instant by blowing up the moon. Our thin protective atmosphere will be covered with a heat reflecting dust cloud that will last for thousands, if not millions of years. Just imagine. Our kids could play happily outside without fear of sun burn. In fact they would never see the sun at all.

Did I mention tides? Imagine no tides. That would save a lot of shipping problems. Beaches would stay put for tourists. Mangroves would die ensuring few mosquitoes to carry diseases. No more werewolves. No more lost night’s sleep because of the full moon. No more howling dogs. Stars in the night sky will be much brighter. The list is endless.

NASA could stop wasting money on trying to put a man back on the moon. It’s been done before you silly people! They could set a real challenge for themselves and start designing a real SS Enterprise and start training new Captain Kirks. Get on with finding all those alien life forms out there.

Then there is the side benefit of what to do with all our nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to use them anymore, and there are thousands of nuclear warheads lying around rusting and rotting. So in one economical exercise, we can rid the world of these nukes by putting them to good use. To blow up the moon!

So I put it to you to pressure your leaders. Barack Obama, Dmitry Medvedev, Nicolas Sarkozy, Kim Jong-il, Hu Jintao, Ban Ki-moon, Manmohan Singh, Gordon Brown, Asif Ali Zardari and all other presidents and prime ministers to work together and set the world this breath taking challenge to save our planet for our children.

Permission is granted to forward this article to Al Gore, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and any other environmental activists.

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Right, Let’s Blow Up The Moon!
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2 thoughts on “Right, Let’s Blow Up The Moon!

  • 16/11/2009 at 5:20 pm

    Never heard a more convincing argument to blow up the moon. Err, actually, I think this is the first argument I've heard made to blow up the moon. So…um…points fo originality, for sure. Ha! Very funny

  • 16/11/2009 at 5:23 pm

    I hope I've got a jump start on the idea. Nobel Prize material I think!

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