In my writing I haven’t had to kill off too many characters. If my memory serves me well, there has only been one. And that was left a little to the reader to decide if it was murder or suicide. Until now, my writing has concentrated on the after effects of me taking ‘stupid pills’ and vomiting the jumble of words onto paper and then trying to rearrange them in some kind of clever and coherent order.

However, this week I have had to plot the demise of a character I had been working so hard to create over the last month or more. Oh dear! So many ways for someone to meet their maker. I have re-written the death a number of times, ranging from extremely gooey to plain old mysterious plague like illness. So many possibilities! Murder, suicide, stabbing, poisoning, garroting, suffocation or strangulation. Accidents with water, electricity, gas, cars, horses or trains. The list is endless.

Somehow, in a perverse kind of way, I think I am over the grief, and now ready to plot a few more demises. What fun!

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Rest in Peace
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