The VandalThe one distinct advantage that self publishing has over traditional publishing is that it’s a snap to renew, update, refresh and republish a book. Way back, a very long time ago in the dim dark age of books that were made from dead trees and had things called pages – in 2009 – I released a silly little book titled Vandalism of Words.

Well, to my complete surprise it has been downloaded, bought, lent, borrowed and read zillions of times. Both in ebook and in print. However I started to think it was now a bit dated and needed a refresh and of course new content. So, da da! In the blink of an eye a new version is up and out on Kindle. The Vandal being a more fitting title as, well, that’s The Vandal’s name.

Now for those of you who have read the original version; Vandalism of Words, I don’t suggest you go racing for your Kindle to download it as about fifty percent of the old book is still included in the updated version. But perhaps for those of you who are new to The Vandal, it might make a good little read on the bus or the train on the way to work. It contains the usual Vandal fare of short stories, rants, grammar, Internet tips, recipes and poetry. About 60,000 words worth, so perhaps I shouldn’t still call it a little book.

So much for the promo. The point of this post is to point out that being a self publisher allows you remarkable freedom and alternatives. If a book is not selling particularly well, you have so many choices. A new cover, a new foreword, a re-write, a new title. Perhaps combining two books into one volume. The possibilities are just about endless.

The other advantage is that as you grow and improve as a writer, you have the chance to revisit some of your earlier titles and refresh them. I did this with one of my very first books and it went from a definite non-seller to being a good solid and regular selling title. So do you have a book that needs a refresh?

If you’re interested, The Vandal is available only from The Kindle Store. Take a look at the ‘Look Inside’ preview.

Did I mention it is FREE? For two days only. January 30th and 31st. Get in quick!

Renewed, Updated, Refreshed, Reworked and Reissued
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2 thoughts on “Renewed, Updated, Refreshed, Reworked and Reissued

  • 31/01/2012 at 2:13 am

    Brilliant. I had been planning to get this since I follow your blog :)

  • 04/02/2012 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks for that refreshing, down to earth insight. I was adverse to the idea of e-pub because I’d heard so many horror stories and rip-offs, but I’m becoming more sold on the practicality of e-pub, now that I’m starting to better understand its benefits and what constitutes the best and worst of it. This was useful and persuasive.

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