microsoftMy daily delivery of news items seems to consist more and more of articles about Steve Jobs, Apple, new iPhones, Google and now, get this, Google TV. Then there is always a story about Adobe Flash and its war with Jobs. Throw in the ‘get on the band wagon’ journalists and bloggers who just can’t resist writing yet another story about the missing camera on the Apple iPad in the hope of snagging a few readers, and you have a daily dose of non-news.

Of course there are always a few other news stories concerning earthquakes, financial debacles, elections, corrupt politicians and priests. But fewer about tennis, Formula 1 and fortunately very few about Britney Spears.

Until finally today, an article made its way under my nose and caught my immediate attention. It concerned a name that I have not seen in the news for some time. A name that could soon be almost forgotten and condemned to the annuls of history it would seem by its lack of newsworthiness.


Do you recall this name? Maybe if I mention Bill Gates it might prod your memory.

Oh sorry. Here’e the article that caught my attention.

I especially like the use of the word ‘flop’ in this article. It really had me thinking. What do Microsoft do? Well, apart from Microsoft Office and Explorer?

Vista? Ooops sorry.

Remember Micro, Micro, Micro Who?
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