Mistakes are easy to admit to when you know you are guilty. But when you innocently dive into a new minestrone of mystery, you have to wonder whether it was real your fault or not.

I started on my social networking mystery tour a year or more ago when my daughter told me I just had to be on Facebook so I could keep up with my grand children’s exploits. As I live in Switzerland, and my grand children in Australia, this made real sense. Mind you I have seen very little of them on Facebook since. But I was there, so why not hook up with a few friends while I was at it? Great stuff! Game high scores! I’m off to bed messages. And of course, from my younger friends, a form of English I didn’t comprehend at all. Most enjoyable!

So then with this experience under my wing, I happily ventured to Twitter. What a discovery! Less text to absorb. More people to hook up with, and wow, the same conversations. Off to bed messages, and some strange kind of hieroglyphics I had never seen before and had to invest 100 hours of study to understand. In the end they said, ‘I just got 200 followers by clicking this magic button.? Wow! Marvelous stuff.

Ok, I’ve grown up a bit since I started my innocent wander into social networking, and have a better handle on Facebook and Twitter. Now I find what I want to find and enjoy the interaction. And it is fun after all, in moderation.


But then somehow, I wonder how far all this is all that far removed from ICQ and Excite Chat from 1996? New technology now, but people remain the same. Except for those classy, sexy cartoon avatars what has really changed?

Do you remember being able to move your avatars to any website, and chat in private! Wow! Why does the past always seem cooler? Even so recent a past?

Remember ICQ?
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2 thoughts on “Remember ICQ?

  • 28/10/2009 at 11:08 am

    ICQ-a teenage boy's best friend. LOL

  • 28/10/2009 at 11:20 am

    Pity I'm not a teenager any more!

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