A King PearAs many readers will know, my greatest passion is food. Well, more precisely, cooking great food. So here we go with another one of my absolutely fail-safe recipes that will have your family or guests asking for more.

A King Pear

The stuff you will need.

Enough Nashi pears to feed your tribe. Peeled, cut in half and cored.
Enough cumquats to satisfy everyone.
Equal parts sugar, water and white wine. Enough to cover your pears in a pot.
Two or even a few cinnamon sticks.
An inch or so of fresh ginger. Peeled and chopped into large pieces.
A couple of dessert spoons of honey.
A vanilla bean. Cut in half longways and seeds scraped from the skin.

How to cook this killer dessert.

Put everything in a pot, stir until the sugar and honey are dissolved and bring to a gently simmer. Now go and have a glass of wine because this bit takes a while. Because Nashi pears are so firm, it will take a good hour for them to cook. They will stay firm and crunchy even with this amount of cooking. If you want mushy pears, go on holiday and check them when you get back.

After an hour, remove the pears and cumquats and set aside to cool. Take out the cinnamon sticks too and keep for a pretty garnish. Now pass the remaining syrup through a fine sieve or muslin cloth. Then return the syrup to the heat and reduce by about one third to one half. Depending how thick and rich you like your syrup. Set aside to cool.

Serve with vanilla ice cream. And enjoy!

Recipe – A King Pear
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