As many of my readers probably know, I have a new puppy. Well, it has been nearly six weeks since he arrived so I thought it might be a good time to update you on the remarkable achievements that he has made during this short time.

In no time at all he has managed to have me habitually wake up at 5:45am and have me encourage my wife out of bed to take him for his first little excursion of the day. Remarkably, he can sniff around for quite some time to extend his first walk past the absolute necessities, and allow me a short sleep in.

Of course he has also managed to train us both to have his first meal ready on his return. Habitually after just a few mouthfuls, his digestive system immediately reacts to the entrance of food and starts howling to go out again to attend to the other end of his digestive system. My wife is normally generous enough to go as she doesn’t mind cold coffee and she knows I really like my coffee hot.

Dropping a ball at my feet indicates that it is play time now, and my wife and I have a wonderfully interrupted breakfast as balls fly around and coffee table legs are chewed with vigour. A howling and crying dog at the bathroom door is a new practicality for us. He is just so environmentally conscious that he just has to remind us not to dilly dally and waste water.

Finally when my wife is ready to go to work, our little pup is starting to tire and can only manage a very limpid wave at the door to recognise her departure. This is immediately followed by his sleep from 8:00am to noon that tells me I have to get on immediately with the housework and have the place presentable again for him at lunch time.

What used to be my lunch time is now spent walking around in ‘nose to the ground’ circles as he walks me all around the entire neighbourhood while he catches up on all the local news. After a little afternoon nap, he is ready to ‘read’ the late afternoon edition at about the time I used to drink beer. He really has trained me to be more careful about my beer consumption.

Amazingly enough, he has allowed us to retain our dinner time uninterrupted, and apart from a little furniture re-modelling during the evening he keeps remarkably to himself. A final walk in the late evening demands that he re-reads all the news from the day, before attending to the main aim of the activity.

At last sleep. after a very long walk. Initially we offered him a comfortable place in the living room, but he has now made it abundantly clear that he prefers our bedroom. By using a technique involving receptive howling, crying, barking and crunching of most if not all objects within reach, he managed to train us to accept his presence.

A little nibble on my ear at 5:45 initiates a new day.

Purposeful Puppy Training
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3 thoughts on “Purposeful Puppy Training

  • 18/08/2010 at 9:43 am

    You both now live in doggy world Derek – enjoy :)

  • 17/10/2011 at 5:12 pm

    Well, as least he hasn’t eaten your coffee table, your TV stand, your mobile phone and I Pod, etc, etc, etc like ours did! Enjoy your dog: despite all the costs, I wouldn’t be without him.

    • 17/10/2011 at 8:33 pm

      I’ve been very fortunate Fatima. The only real casualty was my charger cable for my Macbook. It now has a ‘trendy’ repaired patch complete with white duct tape as a memento. And remote controls have that ‘lived in’ look with a few teeth marks. :) :)

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