politicianThe last eighteen months has seen our global political leaders huffing and puffing, threatening and legislating, posing and promising and then failing miserably. It has been one of the most clear demonstrations of weakness I can ever remember witnessing. Think back to the mind boggling amounts of money they threw at banks, car manufacturers, airlines, insurance giants and Wall St gamblers. Not millions, or billions, but trillions! Unimaginable amounts.

So where are we now? Our pathetic politicians are now running around in circles like headless chickens because these bailed out businesses are now making money again and want to get back to business as normal. That is, paying themselves disgustingly huge bonuses and back door dividends and, really upsetting the politician’s electorates.

What is so obvious to me is that politicians are extremely temporary and thereby very weak, and totally disposable. Think George Bush. Jacques Chirac, Tony Blair. George, Jacques and Tony who? Where the real power lies is in Wall St offices, Swiss banks and multinational conglomerate boardrooms. Places of the faceless.

So what do we do? We blame our politicians. Who else can we blame?

This is because we do not know who it is that is really pulling the strings. It doesn’t take much to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t our politicians who had the idea of giving trillions to business. Remember two years ago, the CEO’s of Detroit turning up in Washington to ask (demand) billions? It started there. What a great way to offset a temporarily weak stock market.

Call me cynical, but I just cannot escape the notion that democracy simply gives us the choice of two clowns employed by the same oligarchy. The difference with communism is that the oligarchy just don’t bother with the electoral sideshow. It is business and the holy dollar that runs our world, Not pathetically weak and so soon forgotten politicians.

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Pathetic And So Soon Forgotten
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One thought on “Pathetic And So Soon Forgotten

  • 22/01/2010 at 7:16 pm

    Yup. That's pretty cynical. And sadly true. As a Minnesotan, I was fortunate enough to partake in a three-party system for fleeting moment. Then Jesse Ventura turned into a douchebag, but who didn't see that coming. What it taught me: There is a majority of citizens who want a "middle ground/common sense" party. There just isn't one yet that has the financial backing to ward off simultaneous attacks from the Left and Right.

    For my own little cynical prediction as to who will lead the next great third party intrusion into our one-or-the-other system: Scientologists.

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