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The simplicity of Twitter gets completely lost in the complexity of being able to actually use it. It seems so simple to send ‘Tweets’ of 140 characters or less. But how do you keep up track of hundreds of these messages, and how do you filter out the spam?

You can start by getting a good desktop program, For me Tweetie and Seesmic Desktop work real well. And for my iPhone, Twitteriffic. With these you can at least sort out the wheat from the chaff.

If you want more, here are 100 more apps just to emphasize Twitter’s wide ranging uses.

Then you need to see how you are doing at being popular and noteworthy. You can try Twitin, Twitanalyser, Twitcounter, Tweepular or if you are looking for friends of friends try Twubble. Another very good way to find friends and followers is by using the basic search function on your desktop app or on Twitter itself.

Beware, if you register with one of the hundreds of ‘Get 200 followers for free‘ websites, expect a lot of spam and less that friendly responses from your Twitter friends when these websites use your login to post spam. Or worse, malware and potential viruses. avoid at all costs.

As with any other form of ‘open’ communication, be aware that porn and sex peddlers always around, but with Twitter they are quite easy to unfollow or block. There is even a facility to report spammers.

So what is the beauty and attraction of Twitter? Simplicity and brevity. As simple as that. Be warned however, that as simplistic as it seems, it is highly addictive! As with any form of communication, be nice, learn the protocols and stay human!

Most of all though, have fun and enjoy making new friends.

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