Milo Moon by Derek HainesMy new book ‘Milo Moon’ has been a complete change of style for me. At first I was unsure, but once I got into a rhythm and felt a reality developing with the characters, the story started to fall out of my head at an alarmingly rapid rate. So rapid in fact that it must be the fastest book I have ever written.

The story I hear you ask? Well, that would be giving it all away. But I can tell you that I dabbled in a little romance for a change as well as a very small touch of fantasy come sci/fi. There’s of course a little bit of history, but reinvented by perfectly rational fiction. The story is located very close to where I live so my mention of street names and landmarks are highly accurate. I managed to squeeze in some politicians, police, scientists and a few spooky secret service agents too. As for the main character, well, he’s just extra special.

So when is ‘Milo Moon’ due for release? Soon is all can say at present, but hoping for late April. In the meantime, there is a little sneak preview read available if you would like a little taste. Read the sneak preview here.

So I guess it is back to a clean drawing board for me and time to do some head scratching and get on with starting something new.

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New Book On Track
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3 thoughts on “New Book On Track

  • 19/03/2010 at 11:50 pm

    WOW Derek. I just read the sneak preview.
    It was very captivating and intriguing..
    I wonder who Milo is ? hmm
    I am really looking forward to this read.

    Best wishes,

  • 19/03/2010 at 11:51 pm

    I have to tell you Kathleen. I love this story. Can't believe I wrote it! Really.

  • 20/03/2010 at 3:52 am

    I agree with Kathleen…WOW! This sounds like a great story!

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