negativityThe very first word that is used with a degree of dexterity by any young child is the word no. In any language, the usefulness of this one small word is so obvious to a young mind. So useful in fact, that the necessity to use the affirmative is usually a few more years in the making, and even then is used in extreme moderation.

Our propensity to be initially negative to any give idea, offer, situation, plan or change seems to be a basic human trait. In some cultures it is a form of politeness to say no to even the most trivial offers of kindness or generosity. So what is it about negativity that is so cool?

Personally, I just love negativity in all forms. It has the ability to delve deeper into a topic and extract reasoning and justification that agreement cannot hope to achieve. By arguing the exact opposite, you place the onus of responsibility on the opposing view to prove its point by reasoning and example. In my case, I love to write from a negative viewpoint as it provides me with the opportunity to use thousands of words to justify myself to myself.

Another beautiful aspect of the negative is its ability to provoke. This can simply be a point of view that is opposite to the mainstream view. For example, if I was to express the view that George W. Bush was a really cool guy because he had a neat colouring book and yo-yo collection and that he was just a bit misunderstood when he invaded Iraq, I am sure I would provoke a lively response.

The double negative to me is another wonderful way to express negativity. It is a frowned upon grammatical no-no, but to me it is merely double the fun. I don’t know nobody who don’t like them. I haven’t heard of no place that isn’t hot no more since we got global warming is view I wholeheartedly agree with. But then again, I haven’t done nothing to help the cause neither. While on the subject of double negatives, it worth noting that without them we wouldn’t have no good blues music at all.

The one dilemma I have with my passion for negativity is that if the laws of physics apply, and opposites naturally attract, does this make me a positive person? This notion would cut down my argument in an instant. Would this mean that the young child using negativity with sublime dexterity was actually displaying absolutely positive tendencies? Does this undermine my want to be a positively negative individual?

In the end, I suppose it doesn’t really matter because I am Swiss. So therefore, by the fact of being a very proud Swiss citizen, I must remain utterly, completely and totally neutral.

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