my to do listThere always seems to be a few little chores that manage to slip off my to do list each day, and end up on my famous tomorrow to do list. But as I am a man of action, I have made a firm decision to complete ALL of the chores on my tomorrow to do list. Tomorrow.

Change the calendar in the toilet.
Although very colourful, a 2002 calendar is not very informative and helps little in the planning of one’s day and life. Must go to the butcher and get one of his free calendars.

Spider webs
Have you noticed that vacuuming is a ‘head down’ activity? And no sooner have I packed the sucker away, I notice the fine spider webs curling in the corners between the ceiling and walls. So easy to get with the vacuum. Next time.

Do a nick knack drawer stocktake
Yes, that famous drawer where everything from your pockets goes. Usually by the handful, or occasionally a quick hiding place for something un-fileable. Just did a quick check. 1972 Creedence Clearwater Revival concert tickets are hiding at the bottom.

Visit the aunties and uncles
Yes. It is on my list. Where can I buy something crocheted?

Put my LP’s and cassettes in alphabetical order
Even though I don’t have a turntable or a cassette player anymore it is no reason not to be neat and methodical. Much easier to find that Abbey Road Beatles album when the subject comes up over dinner.

Buy a new comb
I just can’t recall when I bought my comb. Maybe it was a family hand-me-down. That reminds me. A new toothbrush too!

Buy an iPad
This is only on my tomorrow to list because the iPad is not available in Europe yet. If it was available now, it would have been the first task completed on my yesterday’s to do list.

So, is this anything like your list?

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My Tomorrow To Do List
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One thought on “My Tomorrow To Do List

  • 23/10/2011 at 3:22 pm

    The big thing on my tomorrow’s list is mudding taping and painting the laundry room. Sometimes I put off working on my novel until tomorrow. But I try to avoid that!

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