Louis by Derek HainesWithin a few weeks, my latest book will be released and so will end a very long year of living with my old friend Louis in my head. Hardly a day has gone by when I haven’t thought about him and his life, and searched for ways of getting this complex story onto paper. It has been a want of mine for nearly twenty years to write this book, but for one reason or another it sat in the queue until last year.

Louis died in 1973 and has probably been long forgotten by many, but not by me. He led an extraordinary life and although my book is fictional, I hope I have captured the character of this unique human being who had such an influence on me.

In some ways I know I will miss my daily thoughts of Louis, but after a year’s work it is time to let go and start thinking about something new. My nature will surely lead me now into an opposite direction as usual. This has been the pattern of my writing, so I have no possibility of ever becoming a formula writer.

For my readers, this does lead to surprises I suppose. If you happen to like one of my books, there’s a chance you’ll hate another because they are so different in genre and style. On the other hand, if you hated the first book of mine you read, there’s a chance you just might like the next. Or then there is the remote possibility that you could like them both.

One thing is certain though. I feel very close to this book and the characterisation of my old friend. That will be enough for it to be one of my favourites in the future, I’m sure. For now though, I need a break, and then when the batteries are recharged, an idea will surely emerge that will have me back at work on an all consuming new project.

Louis will be available on Amazon and for order at local bookstores very soon.
Check for release details on my website in the coming weeks. www.derekhaines.ch

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My Old Friend Louis
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