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I read with interest recently that many tech experts believe the Apple iPad will be a flop if it doesn’t come equipped with a camera when released in a month or two. Also, there are rumours that Apple could be ‘nimble’ with the retail price. Well, this got me thinking about what the iPad would need for me to buy on day one, and become a queuing early adopter. So here is my five point iPad wish list.

A Mirror. It’s so logical that it should double as a mirror. It is really made to be carried in a hand bag, so why not have an extra layer on the screen so it can act as a mirror? I would even think there is an opportunity for an early morning shaving mirror application for the iPad. So long as it can be made ‘mist’ resistant.

A Corner Turner. The iBooks application that Steve Jobs demonstrated was extraordinarily brilliant. Turning those pages that looked like pages with a stroke of his finger made it look as if he had a real book in his hands. The only thing missing for me, was the ability to fold over a corner of a page to know where I had left the story. Bad habit I know, but that would be a killer app for me.

A Photovoltaic Back. I heard it can run for ten hours on its battery, but I would have to see a greener angle. With a solar collection photovoltaic cell on the rear of the iPad, I could jut leave it upside down near a window, and it would be charged up all the time. I can’t believe this was missed. Even cheap little pocket calculators have been able to do this for twenty years.

Biometrics. Why bother with passports when the iPad could store all your personal biometric data? It’s wireless, so all governments would be able to track you with ease. All it would need is a simple finger print and iris recognition app. Oh yes, and probably a camera as I mentioned before. Otherwise, how would you take your id photograph?

Skyhooks. As the iPad is a weighty little creature, I think skyhooks would be a practical accessory. They would take the strain off your arms, and would mean you could position the iPad just at the right angle for sitting, laying down, doing yoga or when your hands are occupied. I know people love to look at recipes on the internet, so skyhooks would be a necessity if you used your iPad in the kitchen while cooking an upside down lemon surprise cake.

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My Apple iPad Wish List
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2 thoughts on “My Apple iPad Wish List

  • 13/02/2010 at 9:49 pm

    You've got a good point there with the solar power. It would make so much sense to have e-readers able to charge. When you're outside reading it could be charging.

  • 13/02/2010 at 10:03 pm

    Oh no Callista, you saw though my satire! Damn!

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