magical-ballSo here we go with the second half of my extensively researched and highly probable predictions for 2011.

July: Barack Obama will undergo emergency surgery in preparation for his re-election campaign. After a full recovery, the world will be totally confused as to why Michael Jackson has suddenly reincarnated and now holds the keys to the White House.

August: 1,000 people will die in a terrorist attack in India. And no one outside India will even notice let alone care.

September: 250 drug crazed terrorists from Syria will find their way to the US and undertake kamikaze flying training, bomb making lessons and advanced assassination technique courses and not a single soul in US intelligence will even notice. They will still be far to busy trying to capture the Dali Lama; Julian Assange.

October: Apple and Google will merge and become known as Gooplle. Due to the economy of scale created and enormous critical mass, they will then proceed to take over the whole world and replace all governments with ‘Smart Apps’.

November: Sarah Palin will announce her intention to run and be the very first dumb blonde President of the US and Barack Obama will announce that he has now perfected the art of ‘moonwalking’ in an attempt to reignite his failing prospects of re-election.

December: Santa Claus will announce he is running for US President and no one will find this strange at all. In fact, with the support of Fox News he will start the new year as the clear cut favourite.

My 2011 Crystal Ball – Part Two
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  • 15/01/2011 at 12:10 am

    A goopple a day will keep the doctor away!

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