So this is it. Day one in a brand new blog. After a lot of time and effort in researching the various blog niches that are around, I decided I wanted to carefully place my new blog into a narrow and specific category that would immediately be recognised my by readers. A niche that would instantly bring a feeling of ‘this is it’.

To make sure my readers get a ‘this is it’ feeling then, I have placed The Vandal Blog under the narrow category of ‘the life, universe and everything’. This could be read as a homage to Douglas Adams, who I continue to adore of course, however it isn’t really. It’s just that it gives me an excuse for some scope. You know, to write about anything that feel like writing about. After all, it’s my blog, isn’t it?

Now to the Vandal bit. This is really tricky to explain as I’m not overly sure that I understand it myself. Well, I do, but only on certain days. Anyway, a rough thumbnail of the Vandalism of Words is that it entails taking some words and trying to rearrange them in an unusual order. Dearly departed DA used to call it a ‘clever order’, but that was alright for him, because he was really clever. I’m not. So I go for more for adding a terribly undesirable double negative and then aiming for a third if I can. A dose of bad grammar here, a negative there, a seriously unnecessary comma over near the end an em dash somewhere in the middle just for good measure.

If that fails, I just toss in a bundle of adverbs, and to hell with the rules and down with the unfair treatment adverbs have received from the literary class. They are in our language for a reason, so let’s give them some space to be loudly heard.

Right, I’ll stop ranting and hit the publish button for the first time on The Vandal Blog. Oh, and by the way. Welcome.
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Moved into my new Blog
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  • 20/11/2011 at 9:03 pm

    Hooray for writing about what you please, Derek! I read recently that “If you need an adverb, you have selected the wrong verb.” But, case in point, I am at a loss to find a single verb for “read recently.” May our adverbs remain lovingly preserved and enthusiastically exercised!

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